Sponsored Projects

  • Study and Implementation of Different Power Saving Techniques for the Efficient Utilization of Air Conditioner by Using Renewable Power Resources,Sponsor: MHRD, Value: 63.98 lakhs

  • Coordination, path planning and control of mobile robots,Sponsor: SERB,DST Govt. of India, Value: 11 lakhs

    • Consultancy Projects

  • 3D modelling and engineering design validation of 12m E-Bus,Sponsor: BHEL-Trichy, Value: 34 lakhs

  • Evaluating creteria for baterry condition assessment ,Sponsor: BHEL-Trichy, Value: 21.65 lakhs

  • Design of thermal performance evaluating system with charging -discharging circuit for Li-ion battery for E-Vehicle,Sponsor: BHEL-Trichy, Value: 6.9 lakhs